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Today, do one good thing.

I was waiting to get my hair cut, and leafing through a magazine, when I came across a metal whistle.  As part of my job, I have to carry a whistle, in case of emergency.  I always find the idea … Continue reading

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It could be worse … but it was bad enough.

I have to say that this has not been the best … what … month?  Week?  Something like that.  My sister-in-law passed away.  Which was hard.  And I lost my job.  And that was hard.  I still have A job, … Continue reading

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Another child … another dose of Risperdal.

First, let me say that I totally believe that medication is necessary for some children with some disorders. I believe that children can have psychiatric disorders and behavioral disorders, and emotional disorders — some of which are very appropriately treated … Continue reading

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See you soon …

My sister in law just died about three weeks ago. It was stunning. She was not even 50. As I get older, 50 seems a midpoint rather than the harbinger of the end. So you don’t expect people to die … Continue reading

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